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Utilizing an array of 21st century dental equipment, we can offer many pain-free options at no extra cost to patients. With these remarkable tools, Dr. Van Gordon and his team can detect and treat problems early, without resorting to short, or relying on other uncomfortable, time-consuming, outmoded dental techniques.

  • Cerec same day crowns
  • iTero 2 element for digital impressions and outcome simulator
  • Galileos 3D CBCT x ray for precision implant planning
  • 3D airway analysis for sleep apnea and snoring treatment
  • Diode lasers to treat gum disease
  • Intra oral camera so you can see what we can see
  • Invisalign and Clear Joy clear aligner orthodontic treatment
  • Digital x-rays, less radiation and more precise
  • Diagnodent caries detector
  • Dental implants


CEREC®, a new technology developed by Sirona Dental Systems, is the world’s only system for fabricating all ceramic dental restorations in one office visit. This means fewer injections, less drilling, and less of your valuable time.

iTero®: Invisalign Outcome Simulator

The Invisalign® Outcome Simulator chairside application, powered exclusively by iTero scanners, helps patients visualize how their teeth may look at the end of Invisalign treatment. It’s a great way to see just how improved your smile can be.


The DIAGNOdent pen will quickly and reliably show where the decay lies with its laser fluorescence detector. It’s a great tool to use for diagnosing fissure and proximal caries, even when the outer tooth surface seems to be intact.

Sirona Galileos 3D Cone Beam Imaging

How severe is the bone atrophy or is the tooth impacted? Using 3D imaging with CBCT, we can more easily answer these completed questions.